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3 Things You Missed in the 2017 State of Inbound Report

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 16, 2017 7:37:00 AM / by Mikhail Bell

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On May 16, HubSpot released its annual State of Inbound 2017 report, an expansive survey of sales and marketing professional views on inbound and revenue. The 90-page report is significantly shorter than the 128-page report from 2017 but full of insights about Inbound Marketing. Each year the report unearths a few gems that advance our understand of consumer behavior and priorities for sales and marketing, or smarketing, professionals.

Whether you are in Philadelphia or Paris, here are three takeaways you may have missed during your first read of the 2017 State of Inbound Report:

1. The Survey Included HubSpot Customers and Non-Customers 

HubSpot surveyed 6,399 sales and marketing professionals in five languages between December 2016 and February 2017 through email, blog and social media.

12% of respondents are current customers and 88% of respondents were non-customers. 

The two most common types of companies were businesses with 1-10 full-time employees (42%) and 26-200 employees (23%). Nearly half, 46%, of these companies reported average annual revenue of under $1 million, which suggests you do not need to win over a billion-dollar business (3% of the total) to help a brand.

Finally, the report gives insight to thinking of professionals in 17 industries. CEOs, about one in four survey takers, represented a significant share of the response that had input from employees at all levels. In other words, the report captured insights from a vast swath of the people who help customers make the most important purchases of their lives.

2. Sales and Marketing Professionals, Customers Want to See Your Face

86% of respondents prefer email even though the amount of email seems to spiral endlessly upward.

Surprisingly, 60% of respondents want to face-to-face communication for business purposes. In other words, there is still plenty of currency in contacting customers offline.

Thinking of impressing with a client with your social media chops? Stick to LinkedIn or Facebook and keep it professional! That is what over 71% of survey takers fessed up to doing: using these two platforms to contact customers for professional reasons. 

While a single channel will not win you business, understanding preferred channels for contact is a great way to increase your likelihood of success with prospects. 

3. Confidence in Snapchat is Disappearing 

Compared to 2016, marketers are keenest to add YouTube, Facebook video and Instagram and Messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, to their content distribution channels.

Interest in YouTube was unchanged at 48%, Facebook video rose from 39% to 46%, Instagram from 33% to 37% and messaging apps saw a 4% bump from 20%. Marketers indicated no or less interest in all other distribution channels.

Video is quickly rising to the top, and possibly saturation. Kleiner Perkins and Cisco research on video marketing estimate video content will represent 74-80% of all internet traffic in the next five years. As Instragram exploded from 500 million users in June 2016 to 700 million in April 2017, there is a massive opportunity for marketers to leverage photo and video for their brands.

However marketers are unconvinced about the utility of social media darling Snapchat, which went public earlier this year.

The State of Inbound survey found Snapchat was the third least popular option of the nine options provided with only 10% of marketers are interested in adding it to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months. This may suggest a conundrum around content creation and measuring user actions after viewing snaps.

Final Takeaway:

As usual HubSpot has delivered an incisive and comprehensive analysis that sales and marketing professionals can use to better understand themselves and their customers. 

Philadelphia marketers can refer to the report to close a lead on your next sales call or hone your marketing campaign.

Reports or no reports, you can find the latest Smarketing news!


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Mikhail Bell

Written by Mikhail Bell

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