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[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 2, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Dylan Chan

hub-dogs.pngAs a design student of the University of the Arts (UArts), Philadelphia, my role as a designer is to add a fresh perspective to the Philly HUG. I'm Dylan, originally from Singapore, Singapore. I took a 23-hour plane ride from my tiny island country to Philly to hone my craft in graphic design. I plan to use my artistic passions to make people laugh and to make people cry just like my doggie illustration above.

From the moment I could draw, I was designing mini posters, fake food menus, and discovering what would become a lifelong gift. My education in UArts has combined my talents with its sharp Swiss design foundations, and is helping me to express quality ideas with great typography. Aside from school, I seek meaningful relationships with the people around me with side passions like music and rock climbing.

In middle school, I can remember a distinct moment when the term “missionary designer” suddenly came to me. Then, the dream of living in a Southeast Asian country and designing for positive social impact was ignited. Every form of thinking, planning and problem solving to me is a design challenge. Issues that gain awareness and ideas that are communicated are shared through design. I’d like to use design to address the many of the unsolved issues in the world.

By the time I was 18, I had been to nine out of the 11 Southeast Asian countries just missing East Timor and Brunei. Some were family holiday trips but many were mission trips to help people with physical needs and spiritual poverty. On a trip to Cambodia, I led a team of Singaporeans to paint a hot-air balloon mural for a village school. Both the community and my fellow companions had a significant positive experience because of this. I’ve done similar projects in Laos with some classmates where we lived for three weeks. Enriching experiences like these truly make up the person that I am today.

After college, I hope to dive right into places that create designs for a good causes. Even if the cause is not life-changing, working together in a team is an exciting process. Eventually, I will move back to Singapore to compensate for the time I’ve spent away from my family. (Hopefully they’ll forgive me for leaving them for so long!) After that, I hope to head out once again to make new discoveries and connections.

For now, I look forward to contributing to the Philly HUG's  visual storytelling and helping members continue improving the results with customers.  

Check out my design portfolio at and meet me in person at the June 14th event!


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Dylan Chan

Written by Dylan Chan

Dylan is a graphic design student at the University of the Arts. Although art and design have been the main courses of her life, she does not undermine the value of making connections, be it among a diversity of people or fields of interests. Having lived in Singapore most of her life, she hopes to make a difference in many countries. She is also a rock climbing enthusiast and musician.