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5 Tips for Producing Better Instagram Stories

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 16, 2017 8:54:37 AM / by Erica Nardello posted in Events

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5 Tips to Producing Better Instagram Stories

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has regularly revealed new features and cutting-edge functionalities to keep users engaged on the visual platform. Seven years and 700 million users later, the challenge for brands lies in understanding and utilizing these nascent features in ways that drive results. This is certainly the case with Instagram Stories, which launched in August 2016 as a competitor to Snapchat’s Stories. “...Instagram’s reputation as the home for your glamour shots has raised the psychological bar for posting a photo there. It’s not unusual for some users to post no more than once a week, or even once a month,” wrote The Verge’s Casey Newton when Instagram Stories debuted. “Meanwhile, Snapchat developed a product that allows users to share frequent, candid snapshots of their days without worrying that they’re spamming friends, or leaving behind a public archive of photos that could come back to haunt them later.” In less than one year, however, Instagram has eclipsed Snapchat’s success with a full one-third more regular Stories users. As of the summer of 2017, Instagram boasts that 250 million people are using Instagram Stories. But how can brands produce engaging pieces of ephemeral content?

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