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Dan Tyre Talks Smarketing at Philly Tech Week

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2017 7:30:00 AM / by Mikhail Bell

 Philly HUG May 2017 - Dan Tyre presents on Smarketing

On May 3, HubSpot Employee #6 and Smarketing pioneer Dan Tyre spoke at the May Philly HUG event about Smarketing and customer-centered sales during Philly Tech Week. 

What is Smarketing? According to the HubSpot website, Smarketing is the “alignment between your sales and marketing teams” to better serve customers and increase revenue. As a company HubSpot pioneered Smarketing but Tyre coined the term over drinks with a colleague.

Smarketing requires sales and marketing teams to communicate with each other more often. These conversations inform understanding about what is a marketing qualified lead (MQL) and a sales qualified lead (SQL) so there is a uniform definition of a lead. The new common language and processes bridge the divide that existed before the company embraced Smarketing.

[6 Sales and Marketing Communication Tips to Build Smarketing]

Tyre, an irrepressible ball of positivity, recounted a conversation with his boss in when he realized the traditional outbound sales approach was ineffectual. The future smarketer shared that he was not seeing results from cold calling.

His boss chided him for seeking easy sales through calling: "What do you think? Leads just fall from the sky?" 

However HubSpot’s Inbound methodology can make leads appear to fall from the sky because the approach delivers higher quality leads from visitors who are struggling with challenges your business can solve.

The HubSpot Inbound methodology consists of four parts: Attract strangers, convert visitors into leads, close leads as customers, and delight customers with outstanding service. 

HubSpot Inbound Methodology.png

Combined with Smarketing and HubSpot’s Inbound methodology, attracting customers through Inbound Marketing is frictionless when compared to the old days of cold calling for leads.

What Is Inbound Marketing? 

Inbound Marketing is the core of HubSpot’s methodology. Tyre described Inbound Marketing as a “data driven holistic approach to take total strangers and turn them into customers." 

Inbound Marketing typically relies on the use of keywords in blog posts, e-books, or guides to attract site visitors from search engine results. This content is optimized for search engines, which places them higher in the search engine rankings through organic search or advertising. 

Understanding the buyers journey can improve user experience because a brand will know when and how to present the most useful information at the right time. 

Smart content and calls to action are two common tools to target communications. Smart content is dynamic website content. It changes based on a user’s previous behavior, which personalizes the website experience. Calls to action are text or visual cues, such as a subscribe button for email sign up.

From Always Be Closing to Always Be Helping

In a legendary Glengary Glen Ross scene, Alec Baldwin implored a group of underperforming salesmen to “A, always. B, be. C, closing. Always be closing.” Glengarry Glen Ross was released in 1992, when Bill Clinton was president and Curt Cobain was still alive.

Tyre proposed a new approach: Always be helping. Always be helping, or ABH, is about delivering service that solves challenges facing customers.

Speaking of helping, several attendees helped us recall the main points of Dan Tyre's talk. We also gave them prizes! Congratulations to everyone. Check out video recap, photos, and more here.

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Philly Tech Week speaker Dan Tyre and Jake Hacker

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