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Saunas and HubSpot Can Both Heat Up Sales

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 26, 2018 11:58:00 AM / by Jay Nachman

Sauna looking at back bench from door.-352809-editedYou’re sitting in a sauna, relaxing with your client. The gentle, persistent heat relaxes both of you, and the physical and mental barriers carried with us outside the sauna begin to diminish. Tension fades, muscles unwind, and the relaxing feeling allows you to close the deal.

That’s one approach to sales.

Another way to go would be to use the HubSpot platform for inbound marketing and sales.

Sales Techniques and Negotiation

Both sales techniques can be successful, and both will be discussed during “Sauna Diplomacy: In the Heat of Sales Negotiations,” a Philly Tech Week program organized by Philly HUG, the Philadelphia HubSpot Group Meetup, which is sponsoring the event in collaboration with Philly Tech Week. “Sauna Diplomacy: In the Heat of Sales Negotiations” is being held Friday, May 4, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., at Art+Crafts.Holding, 990 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. RSVP here.

Speaking at the program will be Carole Mahoney, the founder of Unbound Growth, a scientific sales development firm. Drawing on examples from Sauna Diplomacy, Mahoney will address how breaking down barriers is critically important to the success of scaling a business. She will also use examples from Finnleo, the market leader with the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas, to demonstrate how selling is about helping.

What is Sauna Diplomacy?

Sauna Diplomacy draws its name from the Cold War era, when leaders of Finland would literally hold meetings with foreign diplomats in saunas to talk over, and reach agreements on, hard matters. “The sauna is the way to loosen the mind, loosen the barriers people were experiencing to get to solutions,” according to Mark Raisanen, General Manager of the Minnesota-based Finnleo.

Finland's Steam Spirit Prize for Sauna

The Finnleo Sales Process

The way Finnleo realizes Sauna Diplomacy, Raisanen said, is to let customers experience four or five different models. Customers can sit in a traditional sauna for a few moments and listen to soothing spa music. Next, the customer might sit in an infrared sauna, then visit another traditional sauna where a little sinus-cleansing water with eucalyptus is thrown on the rocks. It’s the experiences of each sauna, and the feedback the salesperson receives, that helps make the sale.

“With any tough sales negotiation, breaking down the barriers is key, getting customers to relax, and you yourself to relax, are all key. And of all our best sales people in the country, they don’t sell on just words. They let the customer be involved, they let them do the talking, they learn from what they tell them,” Raisanen said.

It’s that approach that has helped make Finnleo the market leader.

And to grow its market position, the company turned to HubSpot, the leading online sales and marketing platform.

Finnleo Grows with HubSpot and Inbound Marketing

Finnleo became aware of what HubSpot could help the company achieve after one of its top dealers partnered with HubSpot and saw an immediate increase in lead conversion, and in better-quality leads.

Initially, Finnleo’s goal with HubSpot was to improve lead conversions on its website with those conversions leading to increased sales, Raisanen explained. “We knew our site content was good, and we knew our position as the industry leader, but our website was not producing as many leads as it should, and it was not being found as prominently as one would expect an industry leader to be.”

HubSpot helped make Finnleo more accessible by including more call-to-action buttons on its website to make it easier for visitors to contact the company. HubSpot also made the company’s brochures, manuals, whitepapers, and other content easily accessible by having customers simply complete a website form.

Craig Lahti, Finnleo’s Director of PR and Social Media, said the company immediately saw an increase in search engine rankings, and the traffic that came to the site moved from being direct to URL to mostly organic search. Read the Finnleo HubSpot Case Study for more information.

“We made it easier to contact us by improving our SEO so potential customers could actually find us, and a search would direct them to the appropriate page for the content they needed.”

That led to a substantial increase in leads. “Our dealers reported the leads we provided had a much higher close rate than what their other manufacturers provided, which made them very pleased,” Lahti said. “Though we were happy with the initial 30-plus percentage increase in traffic and leads, we continued to look for ways to improve our site, so we rearranged the navigation to focus more on educating the visitor instead of leading them directly to products. Whether a coincidence or a direct result of that change, we enjoyed a 100 percent increase in site traffic and a 49 percent increase in leads.”

Finnleo continues to implement HubSpot’s proven inbound marketing techniques.

“Now, we use a few more tools, like live chat, to help us engage with visitors to answer their questions immediately and help them find the content they need to make the best-informed purchase for their sauna needs,” Lahti said.

Meet Finnleo and More

Meet presenter Carole Mahoney, Founder of Unbound Growth, along with Craig Lahti from Finnleo at the May 4 Philly HUG event. Attendance is FREE along with networking, tours of the sauna, and prizes.

R.S.V.P. so we may provide adequate complimentary libations and snacks. 

Claim Your Seat!


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