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Who Is Dan Tyre?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Megan Stoner posted in speaker

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High energy. Epic. Pioneer. Leader.Dan Tyre_HubSpot.png

Meet Dan Tyre, original HubSpot team member since May 2007 and creator of the term "Smarketing." He will be flying in from the other side of the country for our Philly Tech Week 2017 event May 3rd to talk about this thing called Smarketing: Sales & Marketing alignment. 

We asked him about his experiences, work ethic, and current projects to get you jazzed up for this epic event.

Spider Monkey teams.

Yes, this is the name of HubSpot sales teams led by Dan Tyre himself. Because obviously "the companies that have the coolest code names always win." When he started at HubSpot, the team wanted to make sure that was always a strength in the company. And when colors or movie code names just weren't doing it for him, spider monkeys were the first thing that came to mind when he wanted to move into the animal genre.

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Millennial Reboot Author Kate Athmer Tells the Truth about Millennials

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 18, 2017 10:27:06 AM / by Mikhail Bell posted in Events

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Millennials are entitled, slothful, and idealistic right? Wrong.

What Are Millennials.jpeg

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Member Spotlight | Mark Schmukler

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 14, 2017 7:28:00 AM / by Megan Stoner posted in Events

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Introducing...Member Spotlights! Every month, we will feature a member of the Philly HUG community to give you insight on the latest and greatest.

This month's Member Spotlight is Mark Schmukler from Sagefrog Marketing Group.

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Inbounder World Tour NYC // Land Your Tickets

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 11, 2017 10:47:17 AM / by Bonnie Valentine posted in Events, inbound marketing

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Global Digital Marketing Conferences Coming Near You 

TheInbounderGlobalTour.pngPack your overnight bag! Experience New York City and share your love of Inbound Marketing with a free ticket to The Inbounder World Wide Tour in NYC on May 22, 2017.

Register and attend the May 3 #PhillyTechWeek Philly HUG meetup for your chance to win. 

Look no further than to your Philly HUG community to keep you in the know about global digital marketing conferences for 2017 that are landing near you. There are several important dates on the calendar already:

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What Is a Sprocket?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 31, 2017 7:45:00 AM / by Megan Stoner posted in inbound marketing, smarketing, sprocket

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Get ready. We're gearing up for our upcoming events.

What is a sprocket? You may be hearing this term "sprocket" and wondering, what even is that? It's okay. You're not alone. I'm here to tell you so you're prepared for our next 2017 event with Dan Tyre from HubSpot on SMarketing: Sales & Marketing Alignment

Here are the basics of a literal sprocket:


  • Rotating parts with teeth that are used in conjunction with a chain and at least one other sprocket to transmit torque (measure of the turning force)
  • Can be used to change speed, torque, or original direction of a motor
  • All of the sprockets should be on parallel shafts with their corresponding teeth on the same plane in order for sprockets and the chain to work effectively
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Looking at Diversity During Women’s History Month

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 27, 2017 9:54:19 AM / by Mikhail Bell posted in marketing, millennials, inbound marketing, women's history month, diversity

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Black Rosie the Riveter - BlackFeminism.jpg

Women’s History Month elevates the entrepreneurial contributions of half our population for 30 days. As a male ally, I believe it is also an opportunity to initiate meaningful action around diversity that lasts all year.

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Why I “Chip” in at the Philly HUG

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Stella Yakunin posted in marketing

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Stella_Yakunin-012211-edited.jpgHello, hello my dear Sprockets! As the new Social Media and Photography Intern here at Philly Hubspot User Group (HUG), I have to admit we are set up an exciting few months. But before I get to that, let me first introduce myself. I'm Stella Yakunin.

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How do I get the inbound marketing skills employers need for free?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 10, 2017 6:42:28 PM / by Megan Stoner posted in marketing

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Companies are searching for inbound marketing talent. With HubSpot Academy's free Inbound Marketing certification, you'll already be one step ahead of other job seekers.

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The rules of marketing have changed – and that’s a good thing for Millennials.

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 2, 2017 4:53:07 PM / by Kate Athmer posted in marketing, millennials

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  Philly HubSpot event March 17, 2017 - Millennials“An entire generation has made a career out of marketing automation” – a sentiment I heard recently at a meeting of B2B Marketers. 

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Linking Temple University and Philly HUG Community

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2017 5:45:17 PM / by Megan Stoner posted in Events

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Hello, Sprockets! Megan here, the newbie Campus Ambassador. I am going B-A-N-A-N-A-S for Philly HubSpot User Group (HUG). Since I know you're wondering...I do love bananas (with Nutella) but my first love is coffee (cream and sugar). What better combo before a nice run in the city? 

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