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Recap: September 14, 2016 HUG Meetup

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Mike Donnelly Founder and CEO from Seventh Sense lead a great discussion with the group members about email best practices, tips, and even gave us a sneak peek of what Seventh Sense is currently working on. (Spoiler Alerts!)

Authentication issues

In short you don’t want these. It hurts your domain and your brand.


There are a lot of opinions that email will be “going away”- but we all kind of know that is nonsense. This is because email is not tied to a platform like LinkedIn Messaging or Facebook Messaging- we can be untethered and free!

But with so many emails getting lost in the noise, we should focus on improving quality and customization of the emails that we send. Mike had some ideas for us:

  1.  Make sure DKIM record is proper in Hubspot, this will improve your chances of making it into the inbox. DKIM tells the receiving server where your email is coming from:dkim.pngMore information can be found here on Hubspot’s Academy Post.
  2. Send from a human- we are sending to humans- it can be an alias email address, but it is better than sending from an info@ email address.
  3. Personalize content whenever possible. Having the name of your contacts and any other details helps. Hubspot’s personalization tokens can help with this. Here’s a link to more info in the Hubspot KB.
  4. Be careful about spamming- Hubspot will prohibit you from sending future emails to a hard bounce email address. Also keep in mind sending permissions: get and too many unsubscribes, hard bounces, or spam reports and Hubspot may cut you off. So keep your list clean.

Mike did have some Helpful tools to help you keep your list clean.

Google Postmaster

If you are sending large amounts of email to or other domains that have their emails handled by google servers, you can use Google Postmaster to see if those users are

  • Marking your emails as spam
  • Whether you are following email best practices
  • Why your emails may not be getting where they need to go
  • If your emails are being sent securely

Since Google has so many rules for bulk senders, you should know about their mail categories and definition of “spam” to make sure your emails are going through. You can find this info here.


An intelligent reply mail management application for email marketers. They promise it only takes 5 minutes to set up, but your benefits include:

  •  Integrates with Hubspot
  • It sorts through autoresponses to send future campaigns to the new contact- improving deliverability. You’ve seen these before right? autoresponse.png
  • Siftrock also offers real-time alerts for when your contact emails you “I am available from 2:00-2:30 this afternoon”
  • It is especially focused on firms employing account-based marketing efforts (It’s all the rage these days- see below)
Google Audience:
You may have a persona, but this tool is meant to fill in certain gaps. Features include:
  • Affinity audiences
  • Remarketing
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Building Similar Audiences

More details about this tool can be found here.

A/B Testing

We also talked a bit about A/ B Testing and how each of us are using it.

Sneak Peek: Email Insights by Seventh Sense

Mike filled us in in his company’s product and how it works

Step One: Customer Interacts
Step Two: Email Data is Analyzed
Step Three: A Communication Profile Is Created In CRM
Step Four: Knowledge Is Used In Future Outreach

The specific tool that Mike shared is a “light” version that shows overall email opens over a period of time. My guess is that it will be like chips- you are sure to want more after a taste of the data you could have about your key prospects.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

It is also called Key Account Marketing- it is an approach where you focus on the one prospect at a company or account. It is a more Human-to-Human approach that kind of went out of style but has received a makeover. You can read more about it here.

Inbound is November 8-11 in Boston!


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