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Who Is Dan Tyre?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Megan Stoner

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Meet Dan Tyre, original HubSpot team member since May 2007 and creator of the term "Smarketing." He will be flying in from the other side of the country for our Philly Tech Week 2017 event May 3rd to talk about this thing called Smarketing: Sales & Marketing alignment. 

We asked him about his experiences, work ethic, and current projects to get you jazzed up for this epic event.

Spider Monkey teams.

Yes, this is the name of HubSpot sales teams led by Dan Tyre himself. Because obviously "the companies that have the coolest code names always win." When he started at HubSpot, the team wanted to make sure that was always a strength in the company. And when colors or movie code names just weren't doing it for him, spider monkeys were the first thing that came to mind when he wanted to move into the animal genre.

With the cold calling days long gone, Dan stresses that it's not about us. It's about the buyer. This transition is exciting for him since it's already his life motto.


"All I'm doing is giving a sales perspective on how important it was to practice the Always Be Helping philosophy."


Always Be Helping.

Dan's favorite thing about sales is helping people. His goal? To do the most good that he can for the universe. His Always Be Helping philosophy is what gives him energy and is the backbone for his role in helping startups. Read more in his blog Always Be Closing Is Dead: How to Always Be Helping in 2017.

So, how in the world does he do this?



"The goal is to figure out where you want to go and work backwards, for business and individually."


Something he believes is true that others do not.

Well-known in the startup world, Dan loves helping local startups and says there is a common feeling among young people that they aren't doing enough. Even as overachievers. But the truth is, he says, you can do anything. Once you know what you're going to do, you must work hard for it. And you're going to hit a brick wall. When that happens, find somebody to call. The collaboration process of just talking something through helps us realize we have the answer, we just needed reinforcement.


Current Projects.

1MISSION in Phoenix, Arizona. They build houses in Mexico as quick as three days, create community development programs for those unemployed, with families, and little means of social development. After 200 hours of community service work, they will hand the family keys to a house.

Kids at Hope is a local organization in Phoenix that helps students feel good about themselves through developing their own skills and setting their own goals for the future. 


Alright, we've given you a sneak peek into the life of Dan Tyre. Ready to meet him in-person?



High fives and fist bumps all around at the Philly Tech Week 2017 event with Dan Tyre on May 3rd hosted by your local Philly HUG (HubSpot User Group)!

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Megan Stoner

Written by Megan Stoner

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